Product details - CA-3IN1-20CU-0010-BL

The convenience you deserve.

The Lanberg magnetic cable, a straight model,  is equipped with chic elegance, wide functionality and a great way of making your phone and cable comfortable while charging your device or transferring files. Connect your phone's cable conveniently and instantly, thanks to the built-in magnets in one of the best magnetic cables available.

The tips will always connect properly.

Connect the cable instantly without worrying about the position of the cable tip relatively to the plug inserted into the phone. Thanks to the special technology, your phone will always connect with the charger and data exchange device properly.

Charge the battery at Quick Charge 3.0.

To provide you with the best charging comfort – the Lanberg magnetic cable fully cooperates with modern chargers to ensure you charge as quickly as possible. With Quick Charge 3.0 technology, your equipment will be charged expressly.

Send data at speeds up to 480 Mb/s.

Unlike most models on the market, the Lanberg magnetic cable offers, in addition to the charging option, the ability to transfer data and file between devices at speeds up to 480 Mbps. The wide functionality of the cable ensures full versatility and big choice of applications. You can upload files simultaneously while loading, so you’ll never give up anything.

Modern, strong magnet.

In the cable construction are used modern, powerful magnets to provide a certain connection in all conditions, preventing accidental interruption of charging or transferring files. The Lanberg magnetic cable ensures that the cable tip will detach from the plug only on your decision.

Universal – up to 3 tips in a set.

In the package you will find 3 different tips supporting all mobile devices available on the market. Full compatibility will be provided by the Micro-USB, USB Type-C and lightning connectors that work with Apple products.

The tips are so small. So imperceptible.

As the plug does not interfere and can be left in the device socket freely – the size of all the tips has been reduced to an absolute minimum. This solution guarantees you the most comfortable use of the Lanberg magnetic cable and the ability to leave the tip in your phone to protect the device socket from dirt. If you need it, you can easily unplug the tip as soon as you need it.

Equipped with LED.

The use of LEDs increases the functionality of a straight Lanberg magnetic cable, improving the convenience of using it. The backlight informs you about the correct connection to the charger or data exchange device. Moreover it helps you to find the cable tip in the dark.

Solid implementation with damage resistant cable.

The entire structure of the magnetic cable is made of the best materials, which guarantee the full safety of your device operation. In combination with the damage-resistant cable in the cotton braid we get a magnetic cable that will serve us for years.

Exclusive design in 2 colors.

The wide functionality and capabilities of the Lanberg magnetic cable are packaged in exclusive elegance, which is available in 2 colors – black and black/blue. The premium image not only highlights your sophisticated style, but also fits with any device, especially those of the premium segment.

Connectors Lightning (Apple), Micro USB, USB Type-A, USB Type-C
Cable length 100 cm
Wire braid Cloth cable
Colour Black, Blue
Chipset No
Assembly of the connector Gold-plated
Angle connector No
Transmission speed 480 Mb/s
USB Version 2.0
Gross weight 46 g
Certificate of conformity (CE) Download file